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Google Ranking & Reputation

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Search Engine Ranking & Your Reputation

Increasing online search presence can quickly double or triple your business. Promoting and maintaining your online reputation and reviews on Google, Yelp and industry specific sites like TripAdvisor increases your revenue by up to 20% for each star rating higher you have. Plus, the higher rating you have, the likelier you are to appear at the top of search, local and map pack results. 


Local SEO vs. Website SEO

Local SEO ranks your business against other local businesses. It's heavily dependent on the interactions between your site, how it's written and how well your local markup translates to Google. When someone searches for your business type, often Google pulls up local search results. Are you at the top? You can be. 

Website SEO ties into local SEO, but with a heavy bent towards providing useful information about your area of expertise, products or services. It's all about providing your audience with the best information available and less about trying to game the system and trick Google into putting you at the top. 

So it's not Local vs. Website, but how the entire SEO system works together to boost your Google ranking and promote your site, products and services across a wide range of search result queries and types. You want to rank near the top for maps, cards, SERPs and in industry specific pages. 

Reputation Management

Your reputation is your business. Each star rating you have translates into an additional 20% revenue on average. It also ranks you higher and inspires trust in your audience and potential customers. It's also far easier to maintain good reviews and ratings while growing your reputation than it is to fix a bad ranking. 

Google My Business Management

Google My Business provides business owners a way to quickly and easily communicate with customers and potential customers, manage your online presence and provide a clear idea of what it is you do, offer or sell. 

Don't wait to manage your GMB profile or your audience will do it for you. Google lets people make suggestions and edits. Without your guidance, many businesses end up with incomplete or inaccurate information. How much is this costing you annually? Probably more than it would cost to hire a professional to keep it updated. 

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