We Are Our Values

We create and manage content to connect you with your audience. We raise awareness with your target market, reminding them who, what, and where you are. We bring your audience to your sites and through your doors.


SMN Content grew organically from small origins as a part-time endeavor by a single graduate student. We are located near the front range a few hundred miles north of Denver in Casper, Wyoming. We love the outdoors and creating quality content. We follow and value SEO, writing, and design best practices. We need to fill the internet with useful information, not keyword stuffed crap. Our core values have developed over this time as well, but a few have never changed.

Quality - We never suggest or allow our projects to be anything but the highest quality we are capable of producing. Your success is our success. We will not sacrifice quality for any reason.

Integrity - We believe our business is only as good as our ethics and values. Our personal values are reflected in what we do. 

Value - Cheap isn't valuable, but success is. We value your business success as our own because it is. Therefore, we will never suggest something we think isn't right for you, your business, your budget, and your plans.

We produce U.S. based quality for North American Markets.
We don't do 'cheap'.

Who and Why?

We are a small group of writers, journalists, educators and graphic designers with decades of combined experience and a commitment to quality work. We believe location is important. All of our business is done in the U.S. for U.S. based organizations. We live, work, and have gained our degrees in the United States and provide services for organizations doing business in the U.S. We only use highly qualified and educated talent sourced from within the United States. 




Meet The Team

Suzanne Moum

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Suzanne Moum holds two Master Degrees in Education, one in Curriculum Design from the University of Missouri, and one in Administration from the University of Wyoming. She's a James Madison Fellow, adult educator, and continual student. She's worked as a public school teacher & administrator. She has consulted with both PBS and National Geographic on education-related materials. 

Shiraz Nelson

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Shiraz Nelson is a professionally trained SEO and Business writer specializing in food, restaurants, home improvement, and social justice writing. He is certified in Social Media Management and loves diving into analytics and research. He understands SEO and Local SEO. He holds a Master's Degree in Professional Writing from Chatham University and a B.A. in Communications from the University of Massachusettes Amherst. Along the way, Shiraz has completed degrees and certifications in communications, journalism, social media, and digital design.