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Email Marketing

Boost sales and keep your brand in view


Why Email Marketing Works

Despite the prevalence of social media marketing (which we do, too), email marketing keeps your clients aware of who you are, where you are, and what you offer. Make your emails cut through the inbox clutter and create interest in what your company is doing today.

It's not about spamming your clients and customers. It's the opposite. You're reminding them that you're still available to help them find the services and products they need. You're keeping them informed about what you do and how that can help. 

What We Do
  • Email copywriting

  • A/B testing

  • Email campaign strategy development

  • Email formatting and uploading to your email client of choice

  • Email campaign management

  • Email data analysis

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. But it's suffering from inbox overload. The most important part of your email is the subject line. Too many emails are simply deleted due to this misstep. But once they open the email you'll have a very short time to convey a very powerful message - find out more about something. 


We craft emails to get opened, to get clicked, and to land in the right spot with the right message for the right audience. We perform extensive A/B testing during an email campaign.


We'll get your audience to your site, create landing page content, and provide content for the entire sales funnel. 

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2019?

Many marketing studies show that email marketing is still relevant in 2019. Almost half the planet uses email as their main form of communication. That's 3 billion people looking at their inbox multiple times a day. The question isn't if emails are still relevant, it's how to get yours noticed. This is even more true with Googles introduction of tabs in Gmail. 

Get Conversions

Email marketing gets conversions. Increase your ROI by 44% with a solid campaign.

Start a Conversation

It's not just about sales. Emails help open the door to customer communications. 

Stay Visible

Remind your clients and customers that you're still available with products and services they may need.

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