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Professional Editing

Attention spans are short. Say it right. Say it with less.

Editing gets your message across professionally and concisely throughout Wyoming. 

Copyediting & Proofing

Copyediting catches mistakes that might erode trust with your national and local Wyoming audience. 


Don't get caught with simple grammatical, structural and semantic mistakes that derail confidence.  

Getting your work edited avoids confusion with plain, concise copy.

Website SEO Edits

Editing your website for search engine optimization takes your current content and:

  • Upgrades the formatting.

  • Injects keywords with semantically similar copy.

  • Improves document structure. 

  • Does it with quality and content strategy. 

In-Depth Editing

In-depth editing, such as line and substantive, goes beyond simple copy edits or proofreading.

It's worried about the structure of your story or document. It deals with tone and voice and larger structural issues. 

It asks the questions the writer needs during development. 

Editing is More Than You May Think.

Editing comes in many forms, takes varying amounts of time, and ultimately makes you look more professional, builds trust with your followers, and boosts your bottom line. Poorly crafted messages erode trust - build loyalty with professional work.

What We Do
  • Content editing. 

  • Structural editing. 

  • Grammatical editing. 

  • Formatting and document conversions.

  • Keeping you looking professional every time. 

Substantive or Developmental Editing

This is the most intense form of editing and requires a serious amount of research and time investment. The entire document is evaluated for structure, organization, coherence, and consistency.


Think of this as a complete revision with the idea of rewriting.  Entire blocks of text may be moved. Paragraphs, sections, even entire chapters may be reordered for logical flow. 



Probably the simplest form of editing, copyediting corrects problems with grammar, sentence structure, usage, tense, jargon, and style.


This type of editing comes with quick turnaround times and is useful as a second to last defense against a poorly constructed document or message. You'll still want to proofread one final time after a copyedit.


Fact Checking and Review

Make sure what you say in print is correct. This is a research-based type of edit. We go through your facts and make sure you have them all correct. We'll review figures, facts, quotes, tables, images, and similar elements throughout your document. 


Formatting and Layout Design

This type of editing gets the formatting correct. Best used for technical writing - reports, resumes, and newsletters - we make sure it all looks and reads correctly by both humans and software programs.


Because no one really reads anymore - they skim and skip around - formatting is the best way to make the important bits stand out. You need to use typography, white space, margins, and blocks interspersed with graphical content to get the reader to focus on the most important aspects of your document.

Professional Proofreading: Is your message taken seriously?

Don't let poorly written copy and bad grammar cost you revenue


Would you hire someone with errors or sloppy writing on their resume? Would you trust a store with spelling errors in their circular? Building trust in your brand requires consistency, professionalism, and perfection. Don't lose customers because of a typo (it happens more often than you think).


There are multiple proofing errors and editing needs in the next paragraph. Can you find them?


Proofreading and editing are too areas that so often are overlooked in the fast paced world of any business. Buiness is happening 24 hours a day whether you want it to be happening or not. You'll want your business to shine on the internet and in print publications. What customer's are going to take you seriously if you can't spell correctly or just can't make a sentence seem like it fits properly. A well crafted message is always going to be one the customer doesn't have to stumble around in and figure out what it means. Your message should be perfect every time. Whether the customer is thinking about it or not, a well crafted message inspires confidence in your authority and loyalty to your product

How that paragraph should read:


Proofreading and editing are often overlooked in the fast-paced world of business. Business happens 24 hours a day - and you have to keep up. But does keeping up mean doing a poor job of communicating?  Your business' message should shine online. It should be perfect in print. Make your message an effortless and efficient tool with professional proofreading.


You erode audience confidence in your authority when you use poor communication. Even though your customers aren't consciously aware of it, bad spelling and poorly crafted messages are obvious. They destroy your brand and chip away at your customer base. Your message should be perfect every time. Whether the customer is thinking about it or not, a well-crafted message inspires confidence in your authority and fosters loyalty to your product.

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