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Google Business Listing Management

Get your Google Map Pack Listing Optimized, Managed and Working For You.

Get Your Google Business Listing Under Control. If you're not managing it, your customers are. 

Google Listings

Google listings happen, whether you're in control of them or not. But this leads to wrong or meaningless information for your audience. 

If you want your customers to find you, get control of your Google My Business profile today.

Google Business SEO

It's great to get control of your Google Business profile, but you can do so much more to get to the customers looking for your specific products and services.

Get your revenue up, get control of your listing today. 

Google Local SEO

Google puts more and more emphasis on its local listings every day. They push for more information and usefulness out of your Google profiles.

Local listings get used for all of your basic business facts. Are yours correct and up to date?

What is a Google My Business Profile?

A Google My Business profile is your central hub for your business on Google Maps and Listings. In this profile you'll be able to:

  • Control all your business information like address, website, phone, bookings and reservations, open hours, messaging, services, etc. 

  • Make posts to your followers for events, updates, offers and more. 

  • Manage reviews from customers.

  • List your services.

  • Check insights and data into how and where your customers find you. 

  • Upload photos for more exposure. 

Google My Business Benefits.

There are a few benefits to getting your Google listing under control:

  1. You control your information, not your customers. If you don't have your listing under your control, Google defaults to asking people who have visited you about your business. This leads to incorrect and meaningless information. 

  2. Connect with your audience. Google posts are searchable. This means you have one more avenue to show up in Google search results through your listing. Carefully craft messages to get the most out of this feature. 

  3. Manage your reviews. Reviews are also indexed by Google. How you respond to each review doesn't just say something about you as a business, it can get your best ones ranked. 

Do I Need Local SEO for My Google Listing?

Local SEO, even in Casper, WY, is bound to your Google listing. Your business profile helps get all your pertinent information out there, but your website helps rank it as well. You might have noticed that a map pack listing might say something like ". . . their website mentions 'SEO'" when you're searching for SEO. 

How Do I Get My Google Listing Ranked?

Honestly, most of getting your listing ranked on Google search is something anyone can do - make sure your profile is complete. But getting a good description written is key and keeping your information up to date with current offers, posts and open and closed times is just as important. 

What About Other Local Reviews, like Yelp and Facebook?

All review sites matter, some more than others. Google tends to pull in review ratings from highly reliable sources like Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor. They also sometimes pull in industry-specific sources like Healthgrades and FoodNetwork. Keeping on top of your online brand presence can end up consuming a ton of time. Done right, it can increase your bottom line. 

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